Ganja Strains


Golden Goat

The Golden Goat Strain is a hybrid medical marijuana strain that was created accidentally.

This strain originated in Topeka Kansas after a male Hawaiian-Romulan strain pollinated the feminized plant of Mr. Dank's Island Sweet Skunk.

Patients who have used Golden Goat as their go-to alternative remedy have typically experienced very strong effects. These effects are felt from head-to-toe and certainly throughout a patient's whole entire body. It has been reported that a patient will feel under the influence of this strain for around one to two hours, with two and a half being the absolute most before it's gone. Recognized as a heavy Sativa, the high with this strain can be considered both happy and extremely uplifting.

Golden Goat has been acclaimed as a fantastic means of treating a multitude of chronic and debilitating conditions such as severe or debilitating stress, severe insomnia or lack of sleep, chronic or consistent anxiety and panic attacks, chronic or debilitating pain within various parts of the body and chronic depression.