Ganja Strains


Candy Kush

The Candy Kush Strain is a hybrid of pure Sativa crossed with the very heavy indica OG Kush.

Candy Kush is a medical marijuana strain that originates from one of the most popular strains of all-time, Blue Dream. The genetics of this strain also contain another popular strain, OG Kush. When you combine the two of these strains you receive the cross-genetics of an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. With resin-covered buds and a strong plant structure, this strain is one of the most easy to cultivate, maintain and smoke. Candy Kush has a sweet, subtle and sugary aroma that can easily be comparable to that of cotton candy.

Candy Kush is renowned for its unique aroma and absolutely powerful medicinal qualities. This particular strain is best known to help alleviated a wide variety of ailments and chronic disorders such as anorexia, severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, chronic aches and pains, migraines, depression and weight loss. This strain is also great for anyone who suffers from chronic stress each day.