Ganja Gourmet’s Museum Era 2009 -2012
The Pictorial History of one of Denver’s first Marijuana Dispensaries

The Ganja Gourmet is one of the very first Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to appear in Colorado, but not just anywhere in Colorado, but right in the middle of what is known as “Broadsterdam” or “The Green Mile” on South Broadway in Denver.

Originally we opened as a Dispensary/Restaurant, back when it was quite legal to not only smoke marijuana at the Dispensaries, but we were the first to serve a large variety of Medicated Edibles and Meals that were actually served and eaten here!

The on-site eating and smoking ended the last day of March 2010. Please be aware that the following pages are just for historial reference! We do not have Pizza, LaGanja and all the food items that are behind these doors of the Ganja Gourmet Virtual Museum.

We no longer have our own kitchen and make our own edibles!

If you are interested in what the Ganja Gourmet has to offer today on both the Medical & Recreational Cannabis sides, please use the links to the left.

Keep in mind that the following web pages were first created back in 2009 and they are still in that somewhat outdated format. The Museum webpages are not smartphone friendly, sorry.