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The Ganja Gourmet
1810 South Broadway
3 bks north of Evans Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80210
(303) 282-WEED


The Ganja Gourmet only offers Colorado Grown Medical Marijuana! We are also primarily offering only organic, soil grown MMJ in order to insure our Patient’s health. The Ganja Gourmet takes pride in getting to personally know our growers so that we can learn about their growing methods and in turn, relate that information to our patient/customers. The Ganja Gourmet is “Colorado Proud!”

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The Ganja Gourmet’s Strain Page

This is Durban Poison: This Durban Poison Strain is an exclusively inbred South African sativa crossed with a F1 cross. Considered 100% Sativa. Typically an outdoor plant due to its ability to grow quite tall with large leaves.

The plant produces a Thai-like anise seed smell similar to licorice. A husky, earthy taste pleasant to the smoker. Durban Poison is well known for it's "up" high that produces an


energetic, trip effect. While its origins are certainly sativa, many point to a pair of Bay Area cultivators who—legend has it—bred a lot of indica into their clones and significantly altered the Durban Poison gene pool.

Whatever the case may be, you certainly can’t discern its genetics from the stone Durban Poison generates—a near-psychedelic head-trip and a full-body high all in one. As such, this is a terrific broad-spectrum medicine, good for easing arthritis pain, anxiety and migraines. It’s also reportedly a good remedy for suffering associated with HIV/AIDS, cancer and glaucoma.

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