First bred in 1992, the name suggests the power packed in its dark, resinous, compact buds that bristle with red hairs and glistening trichomes. AK-47 has a spiced aroma bordering on skunk, with a hint of sandalwood, but tastes sweeter and more floral than the smell would lead one to expect.

The AK-47 Strain is used medicinally for the relief of pain, nausea, depression, insomnia, and to help stop the onslaught of a headache.


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The Ganja Gourmet only offers Colorado Grown Medical Marijuana! We are also primarily offering only organic, soil grown MMJ in order to insure our Patient’s health. The Ganja Gourmet takes pride in getting to personally know our growers so that we can learn about their growing methods and in turn, relate that information to our patient/customers. The Ganja Gourmet is “Colorado Proud!”

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Our latest AK-47 Medical Marijuana Strain is organically grown in soil and is just incredible! First it gives you a zippy buzz before a great couch lock sets in.

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This is AK-47: The AK-47 strain is a Sativa 65 / Indica 35. Its origins - Columbian, Mexican, Thai & Afghani. Despite it's aggressive name, AK-47 has many peaceful tendencies.