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Colorado Medical Marijuana Patients are invited to become a Member of the GanjaGourmetsignlg250x152 Ganja Gourmet by signing us onto your Colorado Medical Marijuana License.

By becoming a Member of the Ganja Gourmet we offer the following benefits below.


$3 Pre-Roll with any Purchase

1/2 gram of flower for $1 after a $60 purchase

New Flower Pricing!

$5 gram
$18 1/8th
$36 1/4 ounce
$60 1/2 ounce
$120 full ounce

If you are not a Colorado Medical Marijuana Licensed Patient, then we can help you start the process by having the following official applications for the State of Colorado. The licensing fee is only $15.00 now.

Patient Application for Medical Marijuana Card

Physician Certification (in case your Dr. doesn’t have one)

Caregiver Acknowledgment (if you need to add one or change the existing caregiver)

Applications MUST BE mailed in "by the patient." The only exception is if a patient has a Medical Power of Attorney or is a minor.

Agent Orange

A Hybrid Cross: Space Queen x Orange Velvet x Jack's Cleaner - Ganja Gourmet

New Concentrate Pricing!

Colorado Best Dabs brand

$18 gram of wax - $475 oz
$18 gram of shatter = $525 oz.
Mix and Match Ounce $500

$25 gram of Craft brand wax
$25 gram of Craft brand shatter